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Direct Materials

Direct materials frequently make up the largest spend in product companies and therefore have the greatest potential for substantial cost reductions. We employ should cost analysis and leverage our extensive network of suppliers to benchmark cost and quantify savings opportunities. Our successful implementation of hundreds of projects at small companies allows us to bring perspective beyond the analysis to the strategy development, execution and long term sustainability. We employ value engineering to ensure we're sourcing the most economical design and appropriate level of assembly.

Strategic Indirect Expenses

We find savings opportunities in indirect expenses when they are strategic to your business. Categories like freight and packaging are often large expenses that we can address with custom solutions to drive cost reductions and process improvements. Expenses like office supplies and telecom are rarely strategic to our clients and are not categories we typically address.

Mergers and Acquisitions Due Diligence

From the first teaser sheet through LOI and close, we provide perspectives on the supply chain and manufacturing operations for potential acquisitions. We quantify the earnings impact of sourcing opportunities, quality and delivery risks, and potential synergies, and help you understand the resources and timing required capture savings and mitigate risks. Typically our due diligence can be conducted remotely without major data requests or company involvement, keeping our fees to a minimum and not adding to the complexity of buying a company.

New Products

We help companies design new products, develop cost effective sources, and streamline delivery. We provide perspectives and solutions that you may have never considered and turn concepts into turnkey solutions. Our experience and breadth in sourcing and manufacturing truly helps you launch new products better, faster, and cheaper.

Global Manufacturing

Whether for market access or to reduce cost, we can assist with all aspects of sourcing and manufacturing in low cost countries. We understand the economics and trends in China, India, Mexico, South East Asia, Eastern Europe, and other low cost county regions and have the experience to select the appropriate region and manufacturer for your purchased products.

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