Our Approach


Niche manufacturing, consumer products, and value added distribution companies frequently engage Forsyth to support their known supply chain initiatives, identify new sourcing opportunities, or develop manufacturing partners for new products. Many times we can fund our engagements with the value we create.


We don't sell ideas, we provide solutions. Every aspect of our engagement is led by an operations executive with real world manufacturing and supply chain experience. Our senior level staff collaborates with management and works directly with the front lines to improve your supply chain and deliver sustainable value. We don't employ career consultants and we don't deploy dozens of analysts to camp out at your company.


Sustaining the value we deliver requires maintaining the supply chain we help establish. Our interests are 100% aligned with yours, so we support your initiatives long after a project is "completed". We stand behind our work and make sure that the supply chain solutions we establish are truly effective for your needs.


We offer several pricing options to align ourselves with your goals:

In all cases, our compensation term is finite so our fees don't impact company valuation during divestiture.

At every level of engagement, our output is actionable... not a sales pitch to get us back in the door.